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V8 engine

The V8 engine is the most powerful engine that is regularly available in mass-production cars. Like the V6 engine, the V8 works with a V-shaped engine block with two rows of four cylinders. It’s also possible as two inline four cylinder engines coupled and parallel of each other.

A V8 engine is somewhat larger than the V6 and more powerful due to the two additional cylinders. On the other hand, it’s less eco-friendly and fuel economy is not as agreeable. Also, a V8 engine needs to be tucked under the hood tightly. It’s so powerful that in a too large space the engine vibrates heavily. That is also the reason why a V8 engine is much heavier than a V6 engine, the V8 is loaded with heavy counterweights to prevent these vibrations. The heavy weight makes for a smoother drive than a V6 engine, which vibrates much more and influences the driving experience by doing that.
V8 engine

The V8 can have different angles, most common are 45°, 60°, 72° and 90°. That last one is preferable in cars, because of the optimal firing and vibration characteristics of that particular angle. Some front wheel driven cars use a V8 at 72°, these engines need to be narrower, so an angle of 72° fits better. The narrowness of this V8 engine also makes it very suitable for racing cars.

Use in car manufacturing

The V8 engine is often optional on premium cars that come standard with a V6 engine. Due to the amazing power of the V8 it is also ofttimes optional on trucks and pick-ups. Then finally, no Maserati or Bugatti can come without a V8 under its hood. V12 engines are much more expensive to produce.  That leaves the V8 simply the best and most efficient high-power option for conventional car manufacturing.